How to Become an Ethical Hacker at Home (2022)

If you are in doubt that how to become a an ethical hacker at home then this post is for you.

We can call this era as a cyber era, not because of the cyber attacks, because of its advantages and massive growth in cyber security. As technology is increasing day by day so the risk of getting hacked is also increasing that’s why the demand of ethical hackers is also increasing.

If we think of future so if you make a career in ethical hacking then will be a great choice. I am sure that most of you are really confused that how we can get into hacking or how we can become a hacker at home. Don’t worry as I told you earlier that this post is for you and it is surely going to help you to clearify that how you can become a self leaned ethical hacker and what are the skills you have to develop to become a hacker.

How to Become an Ethical Hacker at Home

To become an Ethical Hacker you will need 2 major things:

• Mindset
• Skillset

If you have a good mindset then only you will have a good skillset. To become a penetration tester you have to learn a lot, you must have the desire to gain more and more knowledge. Don’t be worried about skills as you are a beginner so just focus on learning.

I congratulate you, as you have already had the mindset, now all you need the skill set to become a pentester or hacker.

Skills you need to become an Ethical Hacker

1. Networking Skills

Networking skills are the most important skill which every ethical hacker should have. The computer network is nothing but collection of multiple devices, these multiple devices sends and receives the data. There are many network types like LAN (Local Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network) and MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) which can be for different purposes. An ethical hacker should know various network topologies like Star topology, Bus topology, Mesh topology, and Ring topology.

2. Linux Skills

When it comes to choose operating system, most of the people says windows but don’t forget you are not a normal user, you should be different. I recommend using a Unix Based Operating System like Linux. Linux is a open-source and free operating system. The real reason behind using Linux is, it is more secure than any other operating system.


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3. Programming Skills

Another most important skills which every ethical hacker should have because through programming you can communicate with computer systems and give instructions to do any action through code. Python, SQL, C, JavaScript, PHP, C++, Java, Ruby, Purl are the programming languages used by hackers. A penetration tester should know these programming languages because there can be error or vulnerability in code.

4. Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is a powerful tool which hackers use to compromise any security system. It plays a major role in attacking application to almost every ethical hacker. By the help of reverse engineering, you can do many tasks like finding system vulnerabilities, researching malware and viruses etc.

5. Cryptography Skills

Cryptography is a combo of keys and algorithm which is used for data security. Learning cryptography will helps you to understand various methods to secure data like encryption, decryption, hashing, digital signature, etc. Cryptography deal with converting a plain text into non readable form which is called cipher text so that communication between the people within the organization does not leak.

Conclusion: Become an Ethical Hacker at Home

In this tutorial on how to become an ethical hacker at home, you saw what you have to learn or develop skills to become an ethical hacker. Hacking is a journey of learning so don’t forget the more you learn the more you grow.

I hope that this article should be sufficient to answer “How to become an ethical hacker at home?” Now you know what you have to learn so don’t waste your time. Have any doubt then feel free to ask in comment section I’ll try to answer as soon as possible.

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