How to Find Bugs in Websites and Apps

Hey folks! Today I am going to share how you can find bugs in websites and apps. Also in this article you will get to know most common websites and apps bugs which will also help you during finding bugs in websites and apps.

Before we get into how to find bugs in websites and apps firstly you should have decent knowledge of what is a bug. If you know all about bugs then you can skip to the next part which is how to find bugs in websites and apps.

What is a Bug?

Bugs in website or app development can be defined as coding errors that result in unexpected behaviours or results on a website or software. These can range from simple display issues to more complex functionality problems.

Bugs can be caused by a number of things, including coding errors, incorrect server configuration, or compatibility issues. Tracking down and fixing bugs can be a time-consuming and difficult process, especially if they are located in complex code or in areas of the website that are not well-documented.

Bugs can have a significant impact on the usability and functionality of a website. There are a number of tools and techniques that can be used to help identify and fix bugs. For a beginner it is very tough to find his/her first bug, so below I have listed my 5 tips to finds bugs.

How to Find Bugs in Websites and Apps?

Here are my 5 tips to find bugs in websites and apps:

  1. Identify the potential problem by pinpointing what functionality is not working as intended.
  2. Review the source code of the website or app to identify any coding errors or vulnerabilities. If you want to see source code of any website in Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox then just use this shortcut key CTRL + U.
  3. Use online tools to scan for hidden vulnerabilities in the website or app. Some most popular online tools to find bugs are Bugzilla, BugHerd, Zoho BugTracker, Asana, FogBugz and The Bug Genie.
  4. Contact the website or app manufacturer for assistance in finding and fixing any security vulnerabilities.
  5. Use social media to share information about any vulnerabilities found and ask for assistance from the online community.


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What are the Most Common Website Bugs?

  1. Browser incompatibility
  2. Validation fields
  3. Date control
  4. Crashes caused by button clicks
  5. Page layout at different screen resolutions

What are the Most Common Software Bugs?

  1. Functional Bugs
  2. Logical Bugs
  3. Syntax Bugs
  4. Unit Level Bugs
  5. System Level Integration Bugs


Bugs can be frustrating, but they’re also a part of the development process. The important thing is to identify and fix them as quickly as possible. Today you saw what is a bug and how to find bugs in websites and apps. These 5 tips are really going to help you a lot in finding bugs. Also you saw 5 most common software and website bugs which will help you during finding bugs. By reading this article you will surely get good amount of value.

Now it’s totally depends on you that how much practice you do of finding bugs. Don’t forget the more you practice, the more improvement you will see in your bug hunting skills. I hope this article would be sufficient to answer “How to find bugs in websites and apps?” If you have any doubts realted to this then don’t hesitate to comment below or you can contact us via our contact us page. I will try to clear your doubts as soon as possible.

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