Hi folks, today I am going to share 10 Best Termux Scripts in 2023. If you are new to termux and wants some useful and powerful termux scripts then this post is going to be very helpful for you.

These 10 Best Termux Scripts are working and gets updated on regular basis. With the help of termux scripts you can do ethical hacking with your smartphone without rooting your device.

10 Best Termux Scripts in 2023

Snoop Project

Snoop is an online username checking tool which is made with the help of Python. Snoop takes in an username and check that username against more than 1400 online sites like Facebook, SoundCloud, etc. to see that the username is registered or not.

Like this you can collect early information about your target which could be very beneficial if you’re well awared about social engineering.

Download Snoop Project Termux Script


If you are searching for phishing script for termux then Zphisher will be a great choice. It is an advanced version of phishing toolkit and it contains more than 30 social media phishing pages.

It includes phishing pages like Instagram login, Facebook login, Snapchat login, WordPress login, TikTok login, and much more.

Download ZPhisher Termux Script


This script is made for those who wants to become an ethical hacker because it contains all the tools which are used in penetration testing or white hat hacking.

It contains tools like Wireless testing, Post exploitation, Sniffing & Spoofing, Information gathering, and much more.

Download Hacktronian Termux Script


10 Powerful Termux Tools in 2023


Hashcat is one of the most popular password cracking tool which is used to crack hashing passwords. As we all know that if we enter a password on any site it will save that password in hash format not in plan text so that it can be more secure.

Hashcat is used to recover the original password in plain text which was converted in the hashed format.

Download Hashcat Termux Script


Camphish is a termux phishing script developed by a famous YouTuber techchipnet. By using this script you will get cam shots from target mobile or pc webcam by simply sending a malicious link.

Download camphish Termux Script


It is one of the best hacking script which is specially designed for termux. By the help of this script you can install more than 370 hacking tools of termux in just a click. This script is really going to save your lot of time.

Download Tool-X Termux Script

Telegram Scraper

Are you in search of telegram members scraping script? If yes then here your search ends. This is one of the most used script to scrap telegram members.

Telegram Scraper is a AI based software which is used to add participants from one group to another. Telegram has much better automation than any other social media app so scraping is not difficult.

Download Telegram Scraper Termux Script


Wanna do DDOS attack with your android specially in termux then impulse is the tool through which you can do it. To run this tool you must install python as this tool is made with Python3.

Download Impulse Termux Script


By the help of this script you will get to know how malicious scripts are created with termux. Vbug is mostly used to make malicious application for android, windows and iOS.

Download vbug Termux Script


Basically TBomb is used to prank with your friends like sending a flood of messages to their phone number and not only messages you can do call bombing too. This script get updated regularly so it will surely work.

Download TBomb Termux Script

Conclusion: Termux Scripts

In this tutorial you saw 10 Best Termux Scripts in 2023. The source code of all the scripts are given on GitHub. There are many other useful and powerful termux scripts so if you know any of them which is not mentioned above then tell us at comment box so that everyone will be aware about that script.

I hope that this article should be sufficient to answer “Which are the 10 best termux scripts?” If you get any error in these termux scripts then you can comment below. I’ll try to solve the error as soon as possible.

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