Google Cyber Security Jobs: How get a Job at Google (6 Tips)

How to get Google Cyber Security Jobs (6 Tips)

There are plenty of Google cyber security jobs available for those looking to get into the field. Google is one of the top companies to work for when it comes to security, so if you’re looking for a challenge and a great place to grow your career, this is definitely the place to look.

One of the great things about Google is that they’re constantly innovating when it comes to security. They’re always on the forefront of new technologies and threats, so it’s a great place to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. And, of course, they offer top-notch benefits and compensation.

If you’re interested in Google cyber security jobs, then this article is really going to help you as I’m going to give you 6 tips to get a cyber security job at Google. So let’s know about these tips.

Tip 1: Learn to Code Well

The first tip has to do with when to apply to Google or rather what you need to be ready to apply to Google? I saw many people who say Google is my dream company, I want to get a cyber security job at Google but I’m not applying yet because I’m not ready yet.

The only thing you need to be ready to apply to Google cyber security jobs is to know how to code well enough to take and pass the coding interview, so that’s really all you need.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to trivialize getting into Google, I’m not trying to make it seem like it’s super easy and anybody can do it. No, there’s a lot of other stuff that comes into play and I’m gonna be talking about it in the following tips.

Truthfully as far as being ready to apply at Google cyber security jobs, all you need is to know how to code well enough to pass the coding interviews. Now this brings us to tip number two.

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Tip 2: Work Experience

When you’re applying to Google no matter what application channel you go through, you’re gonna need to sell yourself. You’re gonna need to convey to the recruiters who are going through your application that you are worthy of being interviewed. This is done through your resume.

All you need on your resume is if you have no work experience in cyber security, I would say three cyber security projects on your resume. If you do have work experience, let’s say even just six months at a company even if it’s a not well known company, I would say that one cyber security project to go with that work experience is gonna be what you need to convey to those recruiters that you’re worthy of being interviewed.

The key point that I want to make here which kind of goes hand-in-hand with tip number one is that these cyber security projects, let’s say you need to have three cyber security projects on your resume because you have no work experience. If I take the three cyber security projects out of the four that I had on my resume that I was most proud of, they took me in total about three weeks to make and finish.

So what I’m saying here is that this is not something that should take you years, this really goes hand in hand with the first tip of your probably ready to apply to Google right now. Just take a few weeks to work on some cool cyber security projects and you’ll be ready.

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Tip 3: Directly Contacting Recruiters

This tip has to do with how to actually apply to Google. When you are applying online via the Google online application system, you are competing against millions of other resumes. That is not a good way or the best way to apply for cyber security jobs at Google.

Yes it is doable but what I would recommend is to a Google recruiter, a human being directly. This will seriously increase your chances of actually getting an interview.

Here you might be asking yourself “I don’t know a Google recruiter, what do I do?” The answer is simple there’s a website called LinkedIn. You may have heard of it, if you don’t have an account on LinkedIn then I highly recommend that you create one, it’s really useful for this exact purpose.

Go on LinkedIn and on LinkedIn there’s a little search bar at the top, type in the search bar Google recruiter. You will literally have pages and pages of Google recruiters. They’re are all super friendly, they’re all Google recruiters and what you’re going to do is to spend a bit of time and by this way this is not going to be easy.

Find Google recruiters who happen to have their contact information on their LinkedIn. A few of them have their email address on their profile or a few or them will invite you to message them on LinkedIn. If they don’t invite you to message on LinkedIn, just go ahead and message them and tell them that you’re interested in applying to Google.

Give them three to four days, if they don’t answer maybe follow up and if they don’t answer after that move on to another recruiter.

Tip 4: Prepare for Coding Interviews

Once you’ve landed the interviews, you have to realize that the only thing that matters from here on out for you to land that job at Google at whatever big tech company you’re applying to is your performance on the coding interviews.

It doesn’t matter what you have on your resume, it doesn’t matter whether or not you went to college or if you got a few C’s in college or who referred you. The only thing that matters at that point is your performance on the coding interviews.

Now this should make you feel two things. First of all it should make you feel bit empowered because you have the power to control your own destiny in some sense. On the other hand this should also make you feel bit scared because that’s a big burden.

Basically your performance on those interviews is gonna be what determines takes whether or not you get the job. That is why it is very important that you prepare for the coding interviews.

Tip 5: Communicate in your Interviews

In the interviews it is so important that you communicate very well. This is really one of the things that can make or break you in the coding interviews.

There’s so many candidates who do very well in their sort of algorithms and in their coding or at least decently well but then who sort of mess up when it comes to communication.

It’s nothing too crazy, it’s just that they don’t voice their thought process when they’re doing their coding interviews. You don’t want to fail those coding interviews because you could have communicated better or more.

Tip 6: What to do if you got Rejected by Google

The final tip is what to do if you get rejected by Google. Maybe you’ve gone through the first five tips, you’ll land that the interviews, you prepared for the interviews and you still somehow didn’t get an offer.

That doesn’t mean that you weren’t ready or that you were bad at cyber security or that you’ll never be able to get into Google. It’s possible that you didn’t prepare enough but it’s also possible that you did and that you just got unlucky.

You just had a bad day, a bad couple of interviews for whatever reason. These interviews ultimately even if you are very well prepared are sort of hit or miss and so the point here is that even if you get rejected from Google, if you really do want to get Google cyber security jobs then you should reapply in the future.

Conclusion: Google Cyber Security Jobs

Google is one of the most respected companies in the world when it comes to cyber security. They are constantly searching for top talent to help protect their users and their data. If you are interested in a career in cyber security, Google is a great place to start your search.

Google offers a variety of cyber security jobs, ranging from entry-level positions to senior-level positions. In this article, you saw how to get google cyber security jobs. Have any doubt? No problem just leave a comment below and clear it.

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